A Novel Method to Improve Validity and Relevance of Indirect Comparison and Network Meta-Analysis

Precision’s Jeroen Jansen and scientific advisor David Phillippo present an introduction to a novel analysis method, multilevel network meta-regression (ML-NMR). The method addresses several limitations with current methods, including synthesizing networks of any size and availability of IPD or aggregate studies, and – crucially for decision-making – producing estimates in any target population of interest. Moderated by Precision’s Ross Maclean.

Multivariate network meta-analysis of survival function parameters

Shannon Cope, Keith Chan and Jeroen Jansen present an alternative implementation of flexible NMA models for time-to-event outcomes with a two-step approach using common survival distributions such as exponential, Weibull, Gompertz, log-normal, and log-logistic distributions. This approach provides an evidence synthesis framework for time-to-event outcomes grounded in standard practice of parametric survival analysis that uses the exact event and censor times.