The desire to make novel treatments available to cancer patients as soon as possible has led to a growing number of clinical trials designed for regulatory purposes. These pose challenges to understanding the economic value due to gaps in the evidence base.

Moderated by PRECISIONheor’s Ross Maclean, this webinar provides an overview of innovative approaches to synthesize the available evidence and knowledge to improve the credibility of cost-effectiveness models for cancer treatment. The concepts that will be discussed are also applicable to other disease areas.

The webinar will be followed by an interactive Q&A session.

After participation, you will:

  • Understand how we can align clinical evidence synthesis with cost-effectiveness modeling in oncology. This comprehensive integrated approach can improve model credibility and project efficiency
  • Appreciate the relevance of advanced evidence synthesis methods to incorporate novel elements of value (“hope” and “physical and financial risk reduction”)
  • Recognize the value of expert opinions obtained with formal elicitation methods to improve health economic models

Join us in this webinar and learn how to utilize innovative approaches and models to improve the credibility of cost-effective models for disease treatment!

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