Welcome back!

With the start of the fall season, we are finally getting some relief from the summer heat. As one of the hottest summers in history in many places, escaping the heat becomes an expedition—moving from one space to another, one building to another, one state to another. Anything to find a bit of cool breeze and relief.

It is in these moments of relief that we must be reminded there are others in the world who suffer; the heat is but one part of that pain. Fighting cancer, diabetes, hepatitis C, mental illness, Alzheimer’s disease—patients across the world get no relief unless we do our jobs and we do them well.

It is at this time of year that we are all assessing our remaining budgets and never-ending list of priorities. The decisions we make today will define how we finish out 2019 in meeting our business goals, and more importantly, how quickly and effectively we get products to market for our patients. Every year at about this time, I think back to my days at BMS. I was often struggling to balance between the many projects needing funding, year-end budget constraints, and changing business demands.

At Precision, we have the experts available to help you think through these priorities and we can support you in getting the work done and well on the path to a successful 2020. We’ve had well over a dozen commentaries and a dozen publications to date on critical topics, from value assessment to patient affordability.

In keeping with the topics that have proven to be the most interesting to all of you, this edition of our newsletter features our upcoming live video webinar that will debate the hottest topics in Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) today with folks like Dr. Peter Neumann from Tufts. We’ll also provide you with the latest white paper from Dr. Anupam Jena and share insights on the future of gene therapy from Executive Vice President and Managing Partner, Larry Blandford.

Although the fall has ushered in an end to the heat, let us remember why we do what we do. Our patients count on us, even if they don’t know it. Drop me a note if you’d like to talk to me or any of our team members about your year-end planning and priorities for 2020. We are here to help. Until then, happy reading!

Ross Maclean, MD, PhD, MBA
Executive Vice President and General Manager 
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