Before diving into our latest newsletter, I am delighted to share a few updates with you:

  • We’ve entered 2019 with a highly trained research staff of >85 professionals with expertise across health policy, evidence strategies, and evidence synthesis. From stem to stern health economics studies, lit reviews, analyses–for anything you need from promise to proof
  • We have locations coast-to-coast in North America with dedicated specialists to meet with you on-site and as needed to deliver solutions to your most pressing, business critical needs
  • We are part of Precision Medicine Group, a firm focused on supporting the biopharma and device industry to bring novel health technologies to patients

I am proud of the role Precision has had is this revolution of improving healthcare. As a partner of many of the world leading healthcare R&D firms, we have a 10-year track record of high-impact publications in leading peer-reviewed journals on topics as varied as the value of HepC treatment and the first gene therapies, robotic surgery devices, telemedicine-supported neuroradiology, the challenges facing initial US Value Frameworks, and the promise of greater transparency in predictive modeling.

“So what?” you ask. I truly believe we are at a turning point in the practice of medicine and I’d offer a simple response: If you are involved in pharmaceutical or device R&D, your technology is anywhere from Phase II through early lifecycle and you are in any way concerned that the standard HEOR recipe might not cut it when you submit for HTA review or market access, then call Precision. We will offer you a practical, grounded assessment of what you could do and more importantly, what you have to do given the time and resources at your disposal to meet your goals and maximize the commercial opportunity.

We look forward to working with you!

Ross Maclean, MD, PhD, MPA  
Executive Vice President and General Manager  

Upcoming Webinar: Learn from Leading Evidence Synthesis Expert Dr. Jeroen Jansen

One of our most engaging webinar topics from last year is back by popular demand!

Are you prepared to support the value of your product in your next HTA submission? Are you confident that you are using the most effective evidence synthesis methodologies? To hear helpful strategies from Dr. Jeroen Jansen, a globally recognized expert on evidence synthesis, we invite you to attend Precision’s upcoming 60-minute live webinar: (more…)

Jason Shafrin on Improving Value Measurement

Recently published research and thought leadership. Precision expert, Jason Shafrin, outlines challenges and potential solutions to improving measurement of value in response to the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review’s (ICER’s) announcement that they will evaluate treatments for unsupported price increases.


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